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Discover How To Attract A Flood Of New Students Into Your Martial Arts Program In A Single Day While Having Fun & Rewarding Your Current Students…

Follow this Step-by-Step Blueprint to add new students into your Martial Arts Program!

You may have heard about running Martial Arts Parties for Kids Birthdays… You may have even been crazy enough to try it thinking it would help give you exposure and attract some new students into your business but I’m guessing it wasn’t the great success story you thought it would be… It’s not your fault! Trying to control a group of kids at the best of times can be difficult but trying to do it when they are in Party Mode all juiced up on sugary cakes, treats and colored drinks is practically impossible! I’ll make it really clear right now… DON’T DO KIDS BIRTHDAY PARTIES!!! I have a much better option that will not drive you insane. It will give you the exposure you want and it will reward your current students at the same time. You’ll be viewed by parents as a great influence on their kids and everyone will have a great day. Everything will be organised, run smoothly and you will attract a flood of new students into your Martial Arts Program. I know you love teaching kids or you wouldn’t be reading this message on my website. You have a passion for what you do and you want to pass on your knowledge to a new generation, but sometimes it can be hard attracting new students into your school. You want to focus your time on Teaching Martial Arts, not on Sales and Marketing. This is where I can help you because I’ve put together a Special Step-by-Step Blueprint for Martial Arts Instructors! There is literally nothing for you to think about or take a guess at, this blueprint is complete and all you need to do is follow it Step by Step to run a highly successful Games Day that will attract new students into your school. Imagine adding 10-20 new students into your school on a single weekend… Would that make a difference to your business? More students means more profit which means you can afford better equipment, maybe you can move into that bigger venue you’ve had your eye on, maybe you could quit your day job and teach Martial Arts Full-time… I’m not sure where you’re currently at with your Martial Arts School but I’m sure adding a bunch of new students would have a hugely positive impact for you? Let me take a minute to introduce myself… I’m AJ Perry also known as the “Martial Games Guy” because I released an Instructors Manual titled “The Martial Games for Kids” back in 2008. Since then I’ve been interviewed on the Martial Arts Lineage Project and written articles for Black Belt Media and World Martial Arts Magazine…  More importantly, I’ve helped thousands of Martial Arts Instructors around the World to grow their Businesses by attracting young students into their Kids Classes. This Ultimate Games Day (UGD) Blueprint has been tested by Instructors in different countries teaching a variety of Martial Arts styles so I’m confident that if you follow the blueprint step-by-step you will also have great success. When you get the UGD Blueprint you will discover:

  • How to promote your UGD so that you get the maximum amount of kids and parents attending
  • How to get your current students to invite their friends to attend so that you attract new potential students
  • A complete framework for the UGD Event so that you don’t have to think about how it will run
  • A swipe file of pre-event flyers to promote it so you don’t have to create them yourself
  • A swipe file of follow up emails to ensure maximum attendance on the day
  • A swipe file of pre-written emails to send after the event to attract new students into your school
  • A Bonus Raffle template and pre-made Tickets so you can print them and use them on the day

Everything you need to run a successful Games Day is included in this Ultimate Games Day Blueprint. Normaly I would include some bonuses to entice you to buy this product but I’m not doing that here because this is everything you need to succeed. I don’t want you to be distracted by any other info, just grab this blueprint and follow it step-by-step, that’s all you need to do.

The Ultimate Games Day Blueprint is yours for only $67

When I first released this blueprint to my Martial Games Inner Circle I got emails saying I could have charged $300 or higher and it would still be a bargain and I have to agree but life isn’t all about money. My goal is to help you attract more kids into learning a Martial Art… Actually, my Ultimate Goal is to encourage 1,000,000 Kids to earn a Black Belt and beyond. Now I can’t teach 1,000,000 kids, but what I can do is help get them started with an Instructor like you and hopefully they will stick with you and grow up to be great adults that have a positive influence on the World we live in… That to me is a priceless reward. I think the World would be much better off if more people (kids included) learned a Martial Art. The lessons of humility, respect, pride, strength and courage can help shape a better future for all of us! Maybe I’m a dreamer but that’s why I do what I do to help Instructors around the World to build their schools. I think you’re doing something amazing and I want to help you build a better future. If you have any doubts about the Ultimate Games Day Blueprint you can relax because it comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee. You can grab it now, run a Games Day and if you’re not happy get a full no-questions-asked refund. Honestly if you add only one new student into your school then you already made a good return on your investment in this blueprint, but that’s not the point… I want to see your school grow to the point where you need to start a waiting list. So here it is… Grab it, Use it and Grow Your Martial Arts School ASAP!

The Ultimate Games Day Blueprint is available as an instant download PDF file so that you can get started planning your first event ASAP. If you have any questions you can contact me directly via email:
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