kids-martial-arts-games-300x157Can You Run Like A Crab?

Number of Kids: 4 or more

Martial Skills: Upper & lower body strength, balance

Equipment: None or All Sorts


Crab walking is simple enough but the crab run is a fun crazy challenge for the kids.

Kids start by sitting on the ground with their legs straight out in front of them and their hands on the ground behind their butts.  When the crab run starts the kids keep their hands and feet on the ground but lift their butt up to become a crab.

Now they have to race to the finish line this way.  It’s up to you how difficult you want to make the crab run course.

Lay down some markers to create some twists and turns for them to negotiate their way around


You can make the crab run harder in three ways:

1. Add obstacles that the kids need to crawl over as crabs

2. Play this game outside in a park where there is sloping ground

3. Allow the crabs to attack each other during the crab run

Note: Crab attacks can only be done using their hands to grab another crabs arm or leg and pull it till their butt hits the ground, the crab that was grounded has to roll onto their stomach and then back into their crab position before they can continue on the run.


Crab walking is a great way to build upper and lower body strength along with abdominal strength from maintaining the crab walking position.  The dynamic movement uses almost the whole bodies muscles including the smaller stabiliser muscles around the spine.

The winding obstacles of the path add difficulty which also helps build the kids balance and strength in odd positions which will be a great advantage in their ground fighting skills.