Martial-Arts-Games1-300x157Can You Pull The Tail Off The Tiger?

Number of Kids: 2 or more

Martial Skills: Awareness, strategy, footwork

Equipment: Short rope or socks, marked off area


Students face each other with “tails” stuck in the back of their belts, if they lose their tail they are out. They must steal the tail from other Students. Students cannot grab each other, and must remain standing. Restrict playing space and divide them into pairs or groups, or one big free for all.


Alternatively for more experienced kids you can attach the “tail” to the back of their knee to simulate a shoot. This is a great modification for ground fighting arts. Make sure you teach the kids not to lift their knee when someone is going for it as this will cause painful accidents and loose teeth. Start slow and keep a close eye on this game.


This is a great game to finish a lesson. Kids love this game because the whole group can play at the same time. As well as being great fun it teaches the kids to move quickly and be aware of everyone around them. They have to keep looking over their shoulder to stop other kids from getting behind them.