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A.K.K.A. Karate USA

Tucson, Arizona, USA

A.K.K.A Karate USA

Our AKKA location, at Twin Peaks and Coachline, has been open for eight years, catering to a wide variety of people. We teach Kenpo karate, a Chinese based martial art focused on self defense. Learning karate will not only give you the ability to defend yourself, it improves focus, discipline, confidence, self esteem, and over-all health. Here at Twin Peaks we have seen these improvements in every one of our students, and sometimes the change is almost miraculous. Our school is a family owned school, and we beleive that a family that kicks together sticks together! Karate has done wonders for our family, and our goal is to share this joy with anyone willing to train. More info at:

Head Instructor Marianne Morrill Uses Martial Games

“To keep classes interesting and improve skill”


A.K.K.A. Karate USA 7575 W. Twin Peaks Suite 135 Tucson, AZ 85743 USA

Parrish Family Martial Arts

Parrish, Florida, USA

Parrish Family Martial Arts

Parrish Family Martial Arts is a family oriented program that combines the traditional elements of tang soo do with aikido and small circle ju jitsu. David and Andrea Harkins, instructors, have been training and teaching for more than twenty-five years. Here, students are always treated like family. More info at:

Head Instructors David & Andrea Use Martial Games

“I can’t imagine teaching pre-school aged children without games! The games definately should be karate-related using repetitive motions such as kicks, punches or blocks; additionally, role playing games to learn some basic self defense are fun. The kids should leave class smiling because that is what brings them back.”

Parrish Family Martial Arts

Parrish Family Martial Arts Parrish YMCA 12214 US Hy 301 N Parrish, FL 34219

White Tiger Kickboxing

Nottingham, United Kingdom

White Tiger Kickboxing

White Tiger Kickboxing Academy offers students of all ages (3-80 years) an exciting opportunity to learn Martial Arts in a fun & friendly environment whilst enjoying the benefits of keeping fit and self protection. Whatever your age, size or fitness level, White Tiger offers training programmes for everyone to help you stay active and focused whilst learning life skills along the way. More info at: White Tiger Kickboxing

Head Instructor Sam Woods Uses Martial Games

“This book is a must for anyone teaching children martial arts. It is packed full with interesting and fun games and exercises for children of all ages.”

White Tiger Kickboxing

Dragon Martial Arts Academies

Ocoee, Florida, USA

American Dragon Martial Arts Academies

American Dragon Martial Arts Academies would like to tell you why we are America’s #1 Martial Arts Family EDUCATION Center with locations in Clermont, Ocoee / Windermere, Winter Garden, Orlando, Winter Park, Florida, and KOREA. Our programs include our world class Taekwondo program developed by the Korean Army, Official Hapkido certified by the Korean Hapkido Federation, After School Martial Arts & Summer Camp. Our mission is to provide the best martial arts and self defense courses with qualified instructors in family friendly atmosphere. More info at: American Dragon Martial Arts Academies

Head Instructor Richard Hackworth Uses Martial Games

“I use the Martial Arts Games in our lessons for children and adults because it is a fun way to improve fitness and develop team spirit. It gives us fresh creative ways to develop improved motor skills while sharpening the physical attributes necessary to have great technique. I personally recommend it to all instructors. (Except my competitors of course) Lol”

American Dragon Martial Arts Academies

American Dragon Martial Arts Academy 209 Capitol Ct Ocoee, FL 34761

5 Rings Family Martial Arts

Centralia, Illinois, USA

5 Rings Family Martial Arts

Focused Family Bonding and Positive Child Development. Hall of Fame Master Instruction with more than 30 years experience. More info at: 5 Rings Family Martial Arts

Head Instructor Lyle Huffstutler Uses Martial Games

“To instill confidence, focus, timing, teamwork, and more…”

5 Rings Family Martial Arts

Zenbei Martial Arts Academy

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Zenbei Martial Arts Academy

Olympic Judo Dojo

Zenbei Martial Arts Academy – Olympic Judo Dojo, allows individuals of all ages, experience levels, and ethnicities a way to learn a fun and challenging art that teaches personal protection skills, strengthens problem solving ability, is an excellent physical and mental challenge, offers social interaction, and benefits other aspects of life. We are also focused on teaching life skills or character building to our kids and adult students. More info at: Zenbei Martial Arts Academy

Head Instructor Fred Louis Uses Martial Games

“I use martial art games to teach coordination, keep the classes fun and challenging, build overall body strength. The games helped me retain and recruit new students in the kids and adult classes. MG4K has been a great addition to help me promote the physical fitness benefits of martial arts judo.”

Zenbei Martial Arts Academy

Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0

Brisbane, Australia

Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0

we are a Kenpo 5.0 franchise school for Mr. Jeff Speakman, Hollywood movie action star and 9th Degree Black Belt. Mr Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Schools operate in 20 countries worldwide and we are proud to be his representatives for Brisbane, Australia.

We are a family based Martial Arts School that encourages discipline, respect and friendship from our youngest to our oldest students. All are welcome to train with us and friends and family are welcome to view our Martial Arts training sessions.

More info at: Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0

Head Instructors Don & Suzanne Use Martial Games

“In our classes Martial Arts games play an essential role in teaching children as young as 5 years valuable skills such as focus,speed,power,balance and co-ordination while having fun at the same time. Over the last 2 years we have had no trouble filling our classes and at times have had to set up waiting lists”

Jeff Speakman Kenpo 5.0 Brisbane

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