Who Loves Halloween?


And what do you have in your kids classes?


And who likes dressing up for Halloween?

ME!!! …and KIDS!!!

Here’s a really cool opportunity for you to do something beneficial for your students while also attracting new students into your Martial Arts School.

Arrange a Halloween Cross Promotion

The busiest period for a Costume Hire store is Halloween. This is generally an American thing but it’s popularity is spreading each year across Australia, Canada, UK and Europe, etc so this can work for most countries.

Approach your local Costume Hire store and set up a cross-promotion with them where you will steer all of your students and parents to their store for costume hire. In return they hand out your promotional flyer with every child costume hired out to all their customers.

Start this promotion a couple of weeks before Halloween because most people pick out costumes in advance to make sure they get what they want for Halloween night.

Get the store to attach your flyer to their booking receipt so it doesn’t get lost. You can host a Free Trick-or-Treating Safety Seminar for the kids a couple of days before Halloween. This will get the attention of Parents that are worried about their kids going out and getting candy from strangers.

You should already be running a Trick or Treat Safety Lesson for all of your current students before Halloween, so adding in new guests is no extra work.

This has a lot of great bonuses…

* You are doing something great to help keep Kids safe in your community
* You get to meet New Kids in your area.
* The New Parents get to meet you and see your school and existing students
* Parents of current students can talk to New Parents on your behalf saying how great you are while you are busy teaching their Kids how to stay safe.

Be creative and design your promo to capture the attention of the ideal students you want to add into your school.

You can also link this in with the results from your scattergram by either targeting areas you know are working well for you or you can set up cross promotions in areas where you have strong competition from another martial arts school.

As long as the store owner doesn’t have a child training somewhere else then it should be easy to set up the mutually beneficial cross-promotions. It’s a cheap form of local marketing where you both win new customers. Make sure you get everything approved and ready well in advance for these seasonal events because they only happen once a year.

During the rest of the year you should continue running these types of promotions with other stores to continually add new students into your classes (unless you’re full)
Some of the parents you already know will probably have businesses that you could do a cross promotion with so start thinking outside the box.